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A teacher matches students from different countries who speak different languages.

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A languages teacher will upload their class lists, which will then be matched with students from the language they are learning. The teacher will create weekly tasks for students, providing various levels of support and challenge and either setting a written, or multimedia task (using pictures, video and audio).

Students complete weekly text, image, audio or video tasks set by the teacher.

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After securely logging in and creating their profiles, students will start on their tasks according to the deadline set by their teacher. Once complete the task will be sent to their teacher to approve, in which case the message will be sent directly to their partner student. Alternatively, the teacher may decide that the student has not given an appropriate response, and send it back to the student with comments and a new deadline to redraft.

The students mark each other's work and respond to the tasks in their first language.

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Students will receive their partner’s work, highlight any spelling, grammar, omission or wrong words using our marking code and write any comments to support their marking. Finally, the student responds to the content in their own language, the marking and their response will be reviewed by their teacher and sent to their partner. The teacher at this point can print the class tasks, with the feedback to redraft or translate in books or simple for a record of their work.

Students will learn new languages and cultures in the natural way.

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