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About Bili

As a languages teacher, Charlie Foot, Bili’s Founder, felt strongly that students needed to break out of the classroom’s four walls and regularly interact with native speakers to put their language skills to good use. This seemed like the most natural way of helping them improve their skills and take a more active role in their language learning.

He set out to rethink the traditional pen pal exchange to modernise it and make it more accessible for teachers and engaging for young people everywhere. A Bili exchange allows for more regular interaction, helps teachers save time overseeing the messages being sent, and opens the door for students not only to write to each other but also to speak, see, and listen to each other, sharing real information about themselves and giving valuable feedback.



  • The Bili Exchange

    Check out the Bili way to learn more about the personalised tasks that drive interaction forwards through the Bili exchange.

  • Media Tasks

    In addition to written tasks, you can also assign your students media tasks so they can send videos, audios, and photos to their pen-pals.

  • Live chat

    Your students can talk to their pen pals in real-time via text. You get access to conversation transcripts to monitor their exchange.

  • Forum

    Create forum topics for your classes. Your students as well as their Bilipals post, like & comment. You can moderate all interactions.

  • Bilichat

    Our video chat app, providing students the chance to speak to partners in realtime. They can speak to their individual Bilipals, as well as others in the corresponding class, and are put into small groups with peers and partners abroad.

  • Support

    Any issues for you or your students? Get in touch with the team through our live chat or through our app.

Bili provides an excellent opportunity for our students to engage in conversations in their target language with peers of their own age. Our students have enjoyed using it so far and look forward to communicating further!

George Harvie
Spanish Teacher Harris Academy Tottenham
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